Mothers of Preschoolers


NOTE:  The MOPS group that meets at Bluffton Church is no longer active.  Please visit our church some Sunday Morning for our 11 am service and talk to Pastor Kathleen afterwards for information about any other groups in town we are aware of.  The information below is outdated.  We would be glad to restart our MOPS group if there was enough interest on our side of town, let us know!

Do you have children preschool age and younger? Do you need some time to connect with other moms, to drink plenty of hot coffee, a chance to laugh, learn, and unwind? Then join our MOPS group! MOPS is an international organization that helps moms thrive during the years of mothering young children. You can read more about MOPS at their web site.  Each meeting we have a topic or theme, sometimes informational, sometimes just fun, that will give you a boost of positive enthusiasm. Some of our moms say that they met their best and closest friends at MOPS. We hope you do too!

Our theme this year was BE YOU, BRAVELY

At any given moment in our lives each of us has…

  • Conversations we’ve been putting off.
  • Reasonable risks we’ve been avoiding.
  • Goals we want to achieve.

Yet often times the more significant an action feels the easier it is to put it off.  We get distracted from the big decisions by the immediate needs of the day. What all of us seem to have in common is that we need a nudge, a nudge to help us get out of our ruts and routines so that we can begin risking bravely.

MOPS is a unique program for mothers and their young children, infants through preschool age. The MOPS format includes regular group meetings with topics relating to womanhood, marriage, child rearing and relationships within the family. Small group discussions provide for honest sharing, deepening friendships and spiritual enrichment. At each meeting the moms enjoy breakfast with the women around their table. We also have different crafts and games that we do throughout the sessions.  It is a great way for moms to meet lifelong friends for themselves and their children. Also, while mothers attend their meeting, their children are enjoying a program specially designed to meet their needs and age.

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