What To Expect

What were our Sunday Morning services like?
(We are no longer holding services Sunday mornings)

  • 10:30 a.m. – Coffee and Fellowship – while the worship team warms up upstairs, everyone is welcome to gather in the fellowship hall on the lower level for coffee and refreshments.  This is where many new friendships begin, whether you’ve lived in the area for years or are a student or a newcomer.
  • Nursery – Is open for drop off at 10:50, or parents may choose to keep their children with them during worship.
  • 11 a.m. – Opening Song – At 11 a.m. we ring our church bell and open our service with a contemporary worship song.IMG_1730
  • Welcome and Scripture Reading – After our first worship song Pastor Hugh or Pastor Kathleen have a general welcome to our friends, new and returning and give our weekly announcements.
  • Worship – Typically we do some contemporary worship songs and often a traditional song or hymn. Our worship is typically led by two to five people singing and playing acoustic guitar or keyboard or both. We all sing together, with our worship directed to God. We love to tell him how much we love him! Our hope is that as you focus on the Lord you will find new freedom and sense our Father’s love and intimate presence during worship. Worship usually lasts about 25 minutes. Click the Play Button to listen to Pastor Kathleen and Guest worship leader Scott Culver.
  • Communion – On the last Sunday of every month we have communion together after worship. We often start with a responsive reading. Next we serve the bread and grape juice to those wishing to celebrate – we invite all who follow Jesus to participate.
  • Offering and Announcements – If you have something to give we will gladly receive it and use it for our ministry work.  We are frugal and do a lot with a very small budget.  But please don’t feel any compulsion to participate in the offering. Guests should feel free to join us without giving financially.
  • Teaching – Next is our teaching time. We study the Bible together for about 30 minutes so we can apply biblical truths to our life circumstances. Our goal is to help you live your life in a way that is full of joy and pleasing to God. We try to keep it informal and interesting, with a little humor tossed in. Click the Play Button to hear a sample sermon, Pastor Hugh Kallen teaching on hearing the Lord’s voice.
  • Children’s Church – Our ministry to children is during the teaching part of our service.  We have a fun and interesting Sunday School classes for children 4 years old through 6th grade. All of our children’s workers are carefully screened and trained.  Read more about our children’s programs here.
  • Offering and  – The teaching time and Kids Church usually lasts about a half-hour. Then before finishing we take an offering. And usually during or after the offering we sing a closing song.
  • Final Song & Dismissal – Prayer and Fellowship – We often have final song after the teaching, then are dismissed to “go and do the stuff”, do the things Jesus did.  After dismissal, we leave time to have our pastors or one of our trained ministry team members pray for you at the altar if you would like personal prayer.

 Guests and Visitors are Welcome and Appreciated!